Welcome to Imago Cape Town

Imago Cape Town consists of a community of Imago Therapists and Professional Facilitators in and around the Cape Town area, who are passionate about facilitating relational health. Each Imago practitioner brings expertise and skills in teaching the art of relational living to assist you in making sense of your own relationship(s) and help you develop deeply connected, meaningful relationships, whether it be with your partner, children, parents, friends or work colleagues.

Imago Cape Town represents a local chapter of Imago Africa, and Imago Relationships International. The mission of Imago Relationships International is to transform the world one relationship at a time and to create a new model for marriage and couplehood.

“Every relationship travels a predictable path from the bliss of romantic love to the nightmare of disillusionment and conflict. Yet every relationship, with the addition of conscious intentionality, has the potential to be a transformative journey toward spiritual growth and wholeness” – Harville Hendrix, creator of Imago Relationship Therapy.

Imago Relationships provides a way to help two partners achieve a conscious, healing relationship. Whether you are wanting to enrich a good relationship, starting a new relationship, in a difficult relationship and want to resolve conflicts, or near break-up or divorce and want to decide if the relationship can be saved, the Imago approach helps to clarify what happens when we fall in, and out, of love and explores a deeper understanding of the nature of conflict. Imago offers a sense of hope and possibility for relationships.

Couples and individuals can experience Imago through self-help reading, attending workshops / seminars and/or attending private therapy, coaching sessions.

We invite you to use this website to read more about Imago Relationships International to find an Imago practitioner in and around Cape Town, find an Imago workshop, or link to other Imago resources.

For more information, please contact us and we will contact you directly.

Imago workshops are also offered in other parts of South Africa. Click here to find workshops in other parts of South Africa.

Imago Cape Town offer the following workshops:

1. Couples Weekend Workshop: Getting The Love You Want
2. Imago Parenting Programme: Connected Parents, Thriving Kids
3. Pre-Marital Programme: Start Right: Stay Connected
4. One day program for Churches: A New Way To Love


About Us

Imago Cape Town represents a collaboration of passionate Imago practitioners wanting to give Imago Relationships a presence at the southern tip of Africa.

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