Imago Parenting Programme

Imago Parenting Programme: Connected Parents, Thriving Kids

This programme is designed to be delivered as 8 weekly classes, and is suitable for parents of children of all ages, significant caregivers of children, educators of children, and professionals working with children. It is based on the best-seller, “Giving the Love that Heals”, by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD, and incorporates Imago Relationship Theory, with insights from latest research in neuroscience.

What you will learn:

Imago Parenting shows how to be a more responsive parent, attuned to what your child needs from you by:

• Understanding the difference between reacting to your child, and developing a conscious understanding of your child,
• Learning core skills for deep listening, managing acting out behaviours, and connected conversations with your child,
• Understanding the stages of child development and how to tailor parenting techniques to each stage,
• Understanding how to support children when they are frustrated, what they are trying to say through their “acting out” behaviour,
• Understanding one’s own reactions, and how these can be triggered by children by growing your awareness that much of our own emotional reactions are rooted in our own childhood and life experiences, and
• Establishing a vision for the future of your relationship with your child, and how to transform experiences that might have been frustrating to opportunities for connection with your child.

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April 2016

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Imago Cape Town offer the following workshops:

1. Couples Weekend Workshop: Getting The Love You Want
2. Imago Parenting Programme: Connected Parents, Thriving Kids
3. Pre-Marital Programme: Start Right: Stay Connected
4. One day program for Churches: A New Way To Love

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About Us

Imago Cape Town represents a collaboration of passionate Imago practitioners wanting to give Imago Relationships a presence at the southern tip of Africa.

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